Education – The Purpose

Establishing The Perspective.

So in this essay, we are going to look at the subject of education not from any personal point of view but from a collective point of view vis-à-vis the purpose it fulfills for our species. For this, let’s take a step back and try and see it for what it actually is.

What is the purpose of Education?

I am hoping this will not turn into a rant but will rather endure as a well-intentioned point of view on a very important element of human life- educating the future generations.

Now, we must also remember that education is not the only thing that gives one knowledge. But even with that in mind, the role of education is too big to be downgraded or ignored.

I am sure everybody has heard the sentence ‘ The Education System is failing us’.

And despite different opines as to how, why and ifs of the above single-quoted sentence, I think we can all agree that something is grossly wrong with it.

If you ask me, it’s aims and goals seem to be distorted and skewed from its purpose in the furtherance of human life on this planet and beyond.

If I take a step back and ask myself what is the true purpose of education, the best and the most enduring answer that comes to mind is- preparing the future generations.

And in the continued spirit of clarifications, let’s what we mean by ‘preparing the future generation’.

It refers to making sure the future generation is equipped to deal with human life as we know it. Making sure that they become critical thinkers and are capable of making choices and decisions. Furthermore, teaching them how to make the said choices and decisions, and providing a whole lot of information pertaining to varied topics like Maths, Science, Social Studies, Economics, Computer Science, Language studies, etc to broaden their spectrum and thereby letting them conclude where their interests lie and deciding a role for themselves in the society whereby they can best assist themselves and the rest of mankind.


Well, that seems to be the logical answer anyway. Or at least something close to it.

But then come the questions.

Is this what the schools are aiming at?

Is this what the parents are aiming at?

And consequently, is this what the students themselves are aiming at?

How are we, as a society, preparing those who will become bearers of human life as we know it?

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